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Laparoscopy Modular Course
Laparoscopy Modular Course
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Laparoscopy Modular Course


  • Delivered In-Person

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Five month modular laparoscopy course with at home laparoscopic trainer for the duration of the course.

4 half day hands on sessions at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London followed by final assessment away day.

Hands on sessions supported by integrated online curriculum with applied theory, video lectures, MCQs, and assignments (video laparoscopy).

CCMIG laparoscopic trainer with all instruments and exercises, full HD USB camera for recording training and submission of assignments via our online portal.

Module 1. Ergonomics and laparosocpy, entry, and risk assessment

Module 2. Excisional techniques & endometriosis management

Module 3. Adnexal surgery: salpingotomy and salpingectomy / ovarian cystectomy and retrieval techniques

Module 4. Laparoscopic suturing

Module 5. Final assesment / Away Day: laparoscopic hysterectomy, animal tissue dissection, laparoscopic energy devices, and more!



    Chelsea And Westminster Hospital, 369 Fulham Road, SW10 9NH, United Kingdom, London


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