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CCMIG Online Course
CCMIG Online Course
CCMIG Online Course
CCMIG Online Course
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CCMIG Online Course

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Online modular curriculum with stepwise progression. Theory and video lectures for each module with focus on practical laparoscopy. Each module has assignments, which will be graded by the CCMIG Faculty prior to progression to the next step.

For use with an at home laparoscopy trainer (CCMIG trainer available for purchase separately) for recording and submission of assignemnts. You must have the ability to record your lap training, instructions for recording are included in the Primer module.

Click the 'Study Online' tab at the top of the page for more details of each module. Once enrolled and payment made, please follow the links to register for the course as detailed in your confirmation email.

Primer - An introduction to the CCMIG Modular Laparoscopic Course

Module 1 - Ergonomics of Laparoscopic Surgery & Risk Assessment

Module 2 - Excisional Techniques & Endometriosis Management

Module 3 - Principles of Salpingotomy / Salpingectomy Management of Ectopic Pregnancy

Module 4 - Ovarian Cystectomy & Retrieval Techniques

Module 5 - Principles of Laparoscopic Suturing

Module 6 - Principles of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy & Myomectomy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to I access this course?

    Please enrol for the course and make payment using this page. After this you must register for the modules by following the instructions in your confirmation email. Click 'Register' on the 'Study Online' page, complete your details and, provided you have enrolled here, you will be given access to all the modules by a member of the CCMIG faculty.


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